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Our Team

Welcome to V-Life Team, one of the fastest growing teams in VEMMA. With years of combined team building and marketing experience, you now have access to leadership unparalleled in the Industry. We believe that everything rises and falls on developing leaders, teamwork and communication. Meet the Team!

Getting Started

They say that “knowledge is power” as long as you combine your knowledge with action!
V-Life Getting Started gives you access to proven skills, techniques and mindsets that you can start using right now to take your personal and financial success to a new level! Learn More…


#YPR (Young People Revolution) is a world-wide phenom! Young people from all over the globe are joining VEMMA by the 1000’s! No other company in the history of our industry has ever experienced this kind of explosive growth with the 18-25 year old age group. Find out what all the buzz is about. Learn About YPR…

Why Vemma, Why Now? <– Top 10 Reasons To Join Vemma

Scientifically Proven Formula. Take A Look!

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